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Design the Right PKI Implementation


Even when properly observing the many applied principles of PKI, your specific implementation may vary as a function of your current and desired applications, the vendors you decide to work with, cross-platform integration requirements, and other specific circumstances. NikSoft’s implementation services will ensure you avoid common and not-so-common pitfalls of PKI implementation, guiding you to a practical and interoperable solution. Services provided include:


• Requirements gathering for PKI implementations

• Design a PKI to address business needs and achieve regulatory compliance

• PKI Project steps and timings

• PKI Project Costing

• Engineering

• Hardware Components

• Secure Facility Planning

• Certificate Authority (CA) Architecture and Certificate Profile Creation

• Policy and Procedure planning

• Assistance in writing Certificate Policies (CP)

• Assistance in writing Certification Practice Statement (CPS)

• Cross - Certification planning and assistance with Mapping.

• PKI Pilots - defining and implementing the right pilot deployment

• Establishing trust across PKI domains

• Archive and Records Retention

• Vulnerability Assessments

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