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Identity and Access Management is a complex matter, and with the ever-increasing scope of network services and accesses, it is not getting any simpler. New approaches and technologies are available to tackle this subject, but few resources - whether users, IT staff, HR personnel, legal resources or managers - have been sufficiently exposed to them to acquire the necessary skills and particular mindset. Whether deploying tools for a local branch office or setting up a ubiquitous I&AM system for a global organization, NikSoft can assist your personnel at all stages of the process.


The true strength of NikSoft experts resides in the fact that they can and have addressed the full spectrum of audiences, from the non-technical to the specialists. 


Here are a few examples of the topics our experts can cover:


• PKI Fundamentals

• PKI Training

• PKI Auditing

• PKI Program/Project Management

• C&A of Application Systems

• PKI Policy Management and Creation

• On Board participating agencies that are required to use the approved NSS PKI 

• Registration Practice Statement and possess a current IA with DISA


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