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Our mission at NikSoft is to provide premier support to the U.S. Government, focusing on securing our homeland, keeping the military at the leading edge, and enabling federal agencies to provide unencumbered service to U.S citizens.



Our vision is to always do the right thing for our customers, employees, and teaming partners and adhere to the utmost ethical standards to meet our mission.



Our goal is to be the preferred provider of IT services, including Management, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Software Development to the U.S government and be an employer of choice for our staff.


Core Values

  • Customer success is our success. We listen and work with our customers to ensure every process, product, solution, and service furthers the customers' mission and goals.

  • People are our strength. We do the right things to keep our employees motivated and maintain a culture based on mutual trust, openness, and respect.

  • Honesty and Integrity are embedded in everything we do. We comply with all government rules and regulations, have the courage to make the tough decisions, and always do what we say we will do: our word is our bond.

  • Responsiveness and Agility are core to our success. We collaborate quickly and achieve goals on time and under budget for our customers.

  • Easy to do Business with. We are open and transparent with our customers, teaming partners, and employees. Doing things right the first time and having a problem-solving attitude with whomever we interface with guide our actions.

  • Quality remains a focus on every aspect of our business. We strive to continuously improve our services and processes to deliver the best solutions.

  • Passion is felt with every challenge accepted. We dedicate ourselves every day to our customers with full passion and a positive attitude.  

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