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NikSoft provides IT security management services to government, military, and commercial organizations. We are experts in safeguarding information systems and we look for every opportunity to help our customers effectively manage risk and protect business-critical data. 


Our staff has in-depth knowledge of IT security statutory and regulatory guidance, providing NikSoft with the ability to form project teams that consist of highly qualified experts in information security planning, policy development, risk assessment, vulnerability testing, intrusion detection, disaster recovery plans, configuration management plans, training and incident response. NikSoft staff members are also qualified to perform a thorough audit of an organization’s IT security posture and to produce quality reports. 


NikSoft IA/Cyber Security tasks include: 


• Information security 

• Certification and accreditation (C&A) 

• Program support 

• Lifecycle certification support 

• Certification audit support in accordance with DIACAP 

• Enterprise Mission Assurance Support (eMASS) 

• IA planning, implementation and tracking 

• System security planning 

• Risk assessment/analysis


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