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If you are looking for a turnkey solution, or if you already have a good team in place to

handle the governance and management aspects of PKI, but just need a hand with the

technical details, we can help. The NikSoft team has experience with:


• PKI product interoperability testing and functional analyses

• Review and selection of appropriate PKI vendor products/services

• Microsoft Certificate Services Installation and Deployment

• CA Installation and deployment using OpenSSL and OpenLDAP

• RedHat Certificate Management Services Installation and Deployment

• Integrate X.509 digital certificate usage with new and existing applications:

• Implementing Digital Signatures in web applications• Secure Email


• VPN and secure remote access solutions• IPSec

• 802.11x Wireless EAP/TLS• Code Signing• Encrypted File System

• Web Services, including Web Server SSL (server authentication), Certificate-based

   authentication for Web-based applications, and Federated Identity Management with X.509 credentials

• Forms / Workflow

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