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GSA Alliant 2 Small Business 

NikSoft will deliver all of our work at a CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard of quality and ensure that all work adheres to the program requirements of the Alliant contract. These CMMI/ISO-based processes determine the execution path that precedes each review with our federal customers. NikSoft’s Quality Assurance Program (NSC-QAP) establishes controls to reduce risks and to detect and correct problems early. NikSoft will develop the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP), the templates for which are already defined as part of our CMMI library. Our PM will work with the QA team to establish the QASP parameters and define the Acceptance Quality levels (AQL). These AQLs will be applied to all the deliverables including software, documentation, contract compliance, reports and any and all artifacts. NikSoft strives for a zero defect system and has built a strong reputation by following its QAP to provide high quality low risk solutions to our customers.


The emphasis of NSC-QAP is on (a) employing detail-oriented, experienced analysts with QA industry experience who can work independently and exercise good professional judgment; (b) performing thorough analysis of the SOW requirements; (c) evaluating the quality and scope of deliverables, artifacts, services and products delivered; (d) tracking metrics; (e) analyzing gaps between the work delivered and the work assignment; and (f) remediating the gaps, if any, by following proper system engineering processes. NikSoft will use its CMMI/ISO Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA) process to perform quality audits on all product and project artifacts to identify any non-compliance as related to quality, format, contract, technical, schedule or other issues. These findings will be documented and a corrective plan will be developed to ensure delivery of a fully compliant and high quality work product to the government.

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